Full Service is not inconsistent with low cost!

Quote from the National Association of Realtors: “Statistics show that selling your home with the assistance of a professional real estate agent will garner you a higher profit, enough to cover the commission as well as put money in your pocket”

its clear the National Association of Realtors (NAR) is misleading many people into believing that NAR studies prove real estate agents can sell homes for 13% more than homeowners. (non-NAR members can buy the full NAR report for $250.00)

People that like to get down in the weeds can go to:

NAR Study Vs Madison,Wisconsin Study http://hdl.handle.net/10419/38634

Tips on Selling

Remember the Three C’s

Clean: You can’t be too clean, focus on the things that people touch like doorknobs, countertops, and windows.

Clutter: Everything is clutter. Store things in the garage, basement or ideal off site.

Cookies: Smell is the most importrant. Dog lovers and smokes won’t buy a house that smells of either .

85% of selling is the right price.

Buyers are initially interested in how the property “feels”

Features and benefits come later

Buyers complaining while viewing are probably interested


Everything you need to know is in the book: Simple & Sold. If you visit us at the office we will give you a FREE copy.

“Buyer rebates make buying a home less expensive” DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE

Maine is one of 43 States that allow a broker/agent to rebate part of the Buyer Agent commission. The reality is in today’s market 85-90% of home buyers find the home or neighborhood they ultimately buy in. With NO REALTOR. Your agent isn’t free, despite what many tell you. The buyers agent exclusive contract requires the buyer to pay, or cause to be paid to the Agency a set percentage or a cash amount. if the fee offered in Maine listings is less, then the buyer pays the difference. It is legal and smart to ask for part of the commission, especially if the agents time and effort was minor.

The Real Estate Brokerage Relationships Form is required to be presented to a Seller or Buyer when they first meet an agent.. The form explains the difference between a customer and a client. But more importantly it defines DISCLOSED DUAL AGENT duties. Working with a dual agent is not the same as having your own exclusive agent. For instance, when representing both a buyer and a seller in the same transaction the agent cannot offer any information that would favor one party over the other. Why disclosed dual agency? Its called double dipping. The agent has the possibility to make both sides of the transaction. Both parties must agree. The Maine Real Estate Commission recognizes that disclosed dual agency is a limited agent level service. Not a good idea!